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General Questions

Yes! When you receive a quote from, delivery & installation will be included. Please call us at  888-822-7767 to speak to a customer service specialist who can help you find the metal building you need. Delivery and installation is only available in certain states, so contact us today to see if we serve your area or can point you to somebody who does.

The mass majority of orders are installed within two to eight weeks, and is rare for a building to take more time to be delivered and installed. While we make every effort to install thousands of building each year, there are many times were installation can take longer than normal. Timing your installation can depend on many factors, including but not limited to; your location from interstate corridors or large cities, holidays or special events, and severe weather.

For a better estimated delivery and installation time frame, call our office toll free 888-8-CARPORTS (888-822-7767).

No, all the different dealers (T-N-T Carports, American Steel Carports an Coast-to-Coast Carports) are very loyal to their many dealers and feel that you will better understand our products if you buy them directly from one of their dealers.   The only thing you should consider is the source you are buying your product from…  We are the online industry leader, as our logo states, “Your trusted source, covering all your needs.” –!

slab should be 3/4″ wider and 1′ shorter in length.

 We measure out carports in Width x Length x Height. Example: 18 x 21 x 6
Length dimension is measured by the roof metal having a 6″ overhang on each end of the bottom base rail is one foot shorter than the roof. Width is measured from the outer edge of one base railacross to the other outer edge of the base rail.

Generally the highest leg height we provide is 12′, anything higher can be ordered with special approval.

You will have about 3 to 4 inches to adjust with.

In some situations. For all “after deliver and installation” additions, there is a $75 service charge. If you are adding walk-in or garage doors your carport must have been installed with legs taller than 6′.

We use three different types of anchors:  A:)  3′ rebar anchor for ground and asphalt installations.  B:)  Double helix mobile home anchors for an additional charge or standard with certified carports on ground installations only.  C:) Concrete anchors for concrete installations.  Ask about it, 888-822-7767 nationwide.

The pitch varies depending on the width of the carport. With the majority of our products it could range from 2 1/2′ to 4′. metal buildings are ENGINEERED and CERTIFIED products are the strongest buildings available! Ask your sales person about upgrading your carport design to a certified unit  888-822-7767.

Certified availability varies from state to state, because building code changes from area to area. To check if certified units are available in your area, contact us using our contact directory or email sales.

The certified line is great for areas that expect high winds, heavy snows, or other extreme conditions. is so sure of our certified models, we will guarantee them! Certified carports units will meet any local snow or wind codes in your area (if available). Every certified unit sold comes with a engineered stamped approval and’s dedicated customer support.

Like all our products, we only use the best raw materials available, highly skilled workers, and manufactured state of the art factories. When you order a certified metal building, you know that you will receive one of the best carports on the market.

The good news is the products you order from Carports. com will be fine for decades without doing anything. Enjoy the benefits of an affordable engineered steel structure! does not obtain a building permit for customers. It is up to our customers to order a building permit (only if necessary or required by your local building codes). All of our certified structures come with engineered drawings guaranteed to pass for your county/ city building codes or you get a full refund for your building (except the down payment which is non-refundable when you place your order. To play it safe, call your local permitting office to find out if it is required to get a building permit for the size structure you are building.

Some of our “mini” backyard barns/sheds include a wood floor though. Most of our structures do not because each customer has different plans for floors. Some customers want concrete, some want a wood floor, and some want gravel or just ground. Some of our small storage buildings do have the option for a wood floor, call and ask.

Yes, our delivery and installation crews will not level the ground for your structure. Because delivery and installation is already included, we do not bring out equipment to do grading or leveling of your land. If your land is not completely level, it may be okay.

It is easy for us to say you will save more money by ordering from, but honestly is the factory direct retail store. Our corporate offices are located inside the galvanized steel tubing factory. Why involve a middle man when you can order factory direct through

Yes! In fact, we often take add-on orders to customer’s structures. Our structures are engineered with your needs in mind. Most likely, even if you order a larger size than you think you will need, years down the road you may outgrow it. You don’t have to worry about selling your building or finding someone who can carefully match up the same colors and same engineering style… Give us a call a year down the road and we’ll be happy to come back to add-on to your structure.

Yes! We offer insulation with every structure as an add-on option.

No… We do not offer a standard barn stall but upon request we can do a custom metal frame out in the structure and make multiple custom size framed-out openings on any side of your structure. We specialize in engineering the structure and building a quality building for our customers. The finishing touches such as a door for your horse or other livestock can be installed easily after we install your structure. If you looking for a standard 12×12 stall, don’t sweat it… You can find many options for add-on stalls online and can often get ideas from our certified steel structure specialist at our factory (Toll free 888-822-7767).

Payment Questions

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

We do not accept PayPal at this time.

To make a payment by CHECK, call  888-822-7767 and speak to your sales representative.

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