Warranty Information

By ordering with, you agree to the following terms, conditions and warranty information.


No Agency. The Dealer named on the face of this Order is NOT an agent of Seller for any purpose except receipt of the Deposit. No representation or agreement by the Dealer is binding on Seller.

Rejection of Order and Cancellation of Contract. Seller reserves the right, at any time before installation of the Unit, to reject this Order or cancel this contract by notice in writing to Buyer. Upon giving such notice, Seller will refund any deposit received from Buyer. Buyer agrees that such refund shall be Buyer’s exclusive remedy for such cancellation.

Legal Authority for Installation. Before installation of the Unit, Buyer shall obtain every permit or other authorization required for lawful erection of the Unit on the site designated by Buyer. If Buyer fails to obtain any such required permit or authorization: (i) such failure voids any and all warranties otherwise applicable to the Unit, and (ii) Buyer shall indemnify and hold Seller harmless for all damages or costs, including attorney fees, which Seller may incur as a result thereof. Seller will install the Unit on the site designated by Buyer upon the property specified on the face hereof; BUT, if Seller delivers the unassembled Unit and installation is not completed due to Buyer’s breach by failure to obtain any required permit or by failure adequately to prepare the site, including location of underground utilities, Seller may, in its sole discretion, terminate this contract and retain Buyer’s deposit as liquidated damage for Buyer’s breach.

Site Preparation. Before delivery, Buyer shall designate a site on the property identified as the Location on the face hereof and prepare such site for installation of the Unit, which preparation shall include making the site level, removing all electrical wire less than 10 feet above the intended height of the Unit, removing all underground utilities below the site, and any other improvement reasonably necessary. If Seller determines that the site is not prepared or suitable for installation, Seller may, at its option, terminate this contract or make such further improvements as may be reasonably necessary. If Seller makes further improvements to the site, Buyer agrees to pay the reasonable cost thereof upon completion.

Scheduling Delivery and Installation. Seller will make a good faith effort to deliver and install the Unit within 60 days after Seller’s acceptance of this Contract, and will notify Buyer at least 24 hours before delivery. Buyer may, by written notice received by Seller not more than 7 days after Seller’s acceptance hereon, delay the delivery and installation for up to 60 days. In no event will Seller be liable for any damage or consequential damages resulting from any delay in delivery or installation of the Unit.

Change Orders. No change in the Unit or its specifications is binding on Seller unless requested by Buyer's written change order and approved in writing by Seller. Any change requested by Buyer constitutes the Buyer's consent to resulting changes in the Price.

Limited Warranty. As to all Units, Seller warrants that its installation of the Unit will be free of defects in workmanship. As to 12-gauge Units and 12-gauge Certified Units only, Seller warrants the framing elements and roofing material only against rust-through for twenty (20) years from installation, assuming normal user care and maintenance. As to 12-gauge Certified or 14-gauge Certified Units only, Seller warrants that, for twenty (20) years from installation, assuming normal user care and maintenance, the Unit will withstand the wind and snow loads specified on the engineer-certified drawing of the Unit furnished at the time of installation. With no exception from the foregoing warranties, some non-load bearing elements made of 14-guage steel may be included in a 12-guage Unit. Any alteration or abuse of the Unit shall void all such limited warranties. SELLER’S LIABILITY FOR ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT, AT SELLER’S OPTION, OF THE UNIT. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGE TO ANY OTHER PROPERTY.

Payment Terms. Buyer agrees to pay the Price, including any increase for any Change Order, in full at the time of installation. If any payment tendered by Buyer is dishonored for any reason, Buyer agrees that, at Seller’s option, the balance due shall thereafter bear interest at one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month, or Seller may enter Buyer’s property, disassemble and remove the Unit, and retain Buyer’s deposit as liquidated damages. If Seller refers collection hereunder to an attorney, Buyer agrees to pay Seller's reasonable attorney fees and expenses.

Check Policy. If your check is returned NSF it will be re-presented electronically and you will be assessed a processing fee as allowed by law, which is no less than $20. The check writer is also responsible for all other collection costs including attorney’s fees, court costs and taxes as well as any other amounts allowed by law.

Miscellaneous. This Agreement is governed by the laws of North Carolina and any action against Seller hereunder shall be brought only in a court of general jurisdiction sitting in Surry County, North Carolina. The term Buyer, as used herein, includes said persons named on the face hereof, their heirs, successors and assigns, and shall include singular, masculine, feminine or neuter as required by the context. This Agreement, including only the face and reverse hereof and an engineer-certified drawing of the Unit, if such drawing is furnished by Seller, constitutes the complete agreement of the parties, and all prior descriptions, representations, negotiations or agreements are merged herein and superseded hereby.

Return Policy

TNT Carports, Inc., TNT Metal Buildings, Inc., American Steel Carports, Inc., American Carports, Inc. and Coast to Coast Carports, Inc., also known as "INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY"
Because all INSTALLED UNIT orders are special order, once the order has been placed, there is a no cancellation and no refund and no return policy.

Once customer's order is placed with INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY, it will be delivered and installed within an average of three to eight weeks. It is made clear with all customers that this is an “average” and there is no way for to guarantee a delivery or installation date for INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY products because it varies depending on the installation crew, transportation availability, weather, schedules, readily available inventory, and other possible unforeseen reasons. This is normal for this industry. When ordering through, you can rest assured that you will get your order as soon as possible. is not responsible for the installation nor delivery for INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY orders. Customers who place an order with put a 10% down payment on the order, which is not refundable for any reason. encourages all customers to research products, local area building codes, permitting and other possibilities before placing their order to prevent unforeseen issues. It is the responsibility of the customer to work with INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY to successfully schedule a delivery date according to the customers and INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY's schedules. The customer is also responsible for resolving any issues that may arise directly with INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY and not hold responsible for any manufacturers guarantees, warranties, installation issues, delivery times, and any other unforeseen problem(s) that could arise throughout the process. will work in good faith with the customer and INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY to assist in resolving issues if any develop as long as both parties are giving reasonable and conscious effort to resolve the issue. takes great pride in selling INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY but are only hold responsibilities of a "dealer" for INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY. As a dealer, resolves the right to hold down payment(s) made to to be non-refundable. In the event the customer wishes to cancel the order placed with INSTALLED UNIT COMPANY, the 10% down payment will not be refunded to the customer unless otherwise agreed by senior management.

Disclosures nor any of the other sponsors, contributors, make any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency or usefulness of any content contained in or linked from this web site, any give-a-ways, any contests, etc.

Content may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically made to the information herein. In all events, you - and not or any of the affiliates or partners - bear complete responsibility for any reliance on such content. Nothing herein should be construed as providing legal advice of any kind!
Questions, issues or comments concerning our disclaimers & legal information, terms & conditions and rules & regulations should be directed in writing at:

T-N-T Carports, Inc.
PO BOX 351
White Plains, North Carolina 27031 USA

Effective Date: July 12, 2004
Last Updated: August 14, 2008

Thank you for checking our Legal and Disclaimer information. We will try to make this information brief and to the point. We're in the business to build a structure for you, not legal mumble-jumbo!

General Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

The bottom line is that you'll know the bottom line. We build the exact carport you want and you know exactly how much you'll pay for it. The pricing on the carport configurator may vary, we hold no responsibility or represent any obligations for any possible technical problems and/or errors in pricing. Once your carport order is placed through the carport configurator, it will be processed pending approval from management, until then we have the right to refuse any order for any reason and also hold the right to change pricing at any time prior to order confirmation. (example: if you get a carport estimate, the next day the price may be different if we have a sale or price increase) It's not likely that there will be any differences, this is purely our disclaimer just in case.

Orders through manufactures must be confirmed by the manufacturers district office before being accepted. will notify customers within 72 hours of placing order if there are any pricing differences or bracing recommendations. In some cases there many be differences in pricing due to some areas requiring extra bracing. This rarely happens but it is a possibility. Rest assured that customer's interest is priority. In order to better server it's customers, contact the manufacturer's district office (according to local order placed) to confirm pricing and order details within 24 hours of order being taken incase there are any pricing differences of the special order item. owns and operates two online estimators. The Installed-Units Estimator excludes state and local sales taxes. Taxes are applicable to all units that are delivered and installed sales because the manufacturer delivers and installs the product for you.

Returns, Cancellations and Refund Policy

Policy for products: T-N-T Carports, T-N-T Metal Buildings, American Steel Carports, American Carports, Coast-to-Coast Carports

In order to be very clear with all customers, we go over our policy throughout several steps of our ordering process.

  1. When the order is placed, verbally by telephone.
  2. All order calls are recorded and placed on file for any question.
  3. At the bottom of every page of our website, under Disclosures & Legal.
  4. In the emailed order receipt, detailing our policies, which we retain a carbon-copy
    of to keep as proof that customers receive the order receipt.

OUR REFUND POLICY:, does not offer a refund because every order placed is a special order. When ordering, your sales person recorded the confirmation on the phone when you agreed to our no refund policy, which reads,

“This portion of the call today will be recorded and kept on file for future reference. The order you are placing today may be canceled. If you do cancel, your initial down payment that you are putting towards your order today is not refundable. The reason the down payment is non refundable is because it goes towards the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order today. It is our customer’s responsibility to know if they need a permit or not before they place their order. In the event that you do cancel the order you are putting in today, the down payment will be lost since it is used towards the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order today. By ordering today, you are agreeing to our policy.”

This policy is recorded digitally and stored, and signed off my a manager on duty along with the sales person taking the order.

There are absolutely no exceptions to our refund policy. It is up to you to work with the manufacturer to setup delivery, installation, etc. At no time is the sales office ( responsible for unexpected circumstances due to manufacturer. If circumstances arise, it is the responsibility of the customer to work that out with the manufacturer solely, not Even if the customer cancels the order and refuses delivery and/or installation, our services preformed are for the preparation, paperwork and processing of the order, not towards the product itself.

In order to show good faith with our refund policy, will retain a store credit for the amount of down payment paid at the time of order. That store credit may be used towards the future down payment of a future order placed with our company. The store credit must be used within three (3) years or the credit will be forfeited. is not responsible for any manufacturers guarantees, warranties, installation issues, delivery times, and any other unforeseen problem(s) that could arise throughout the process of delivery, shipping and/or installation. will work in good faith with the customer and the manufacturer to assist in resolving issues if any develop as long as both parties are giving reasonable and conscious effort to resolve the issue. take great pride in selling the our featured brands but are only hold responsibilities of a "dealer" for these manufacturers. As a dealer, resolves the right to hold down payment(s) made to to be non-refundable because the down payment is considered for the preparation, paperwork and processing of your order, not towards the actual product itself.

Shipping and Claims Policy & Terms and Conditions

If your order at or affiliated companies requires shipping through a third party shipping company, we will assist you through the process. The following terms and conditions apply to all orders that are shipped via's shipping department.

Upon placing your order, you will be responsible for paying for an estimated freight quote based on the current rates and fuel surcharges. You will receive a notification via email when your order has been shipped from the warehouse facility. It is not up to when your order is shipped and is not responsible for the time frame it takes to have your order ready to ship from the date you place your order, nor from the time it takes to get your shipment from the date it ships from the warehouse.

At the time you receive your shipment, recommends for all customers to inspect all pieces of the shipment inside and out to check for possible damages and missing parts. If damages are suspected, write on the bill of laden (shipping document) that the trucking company provides you to sign to accept delivery that the shipment has possible damages or missing parts. In order to have a successful insurance claim so that we can replace your parts without any delays, this is required. There are no exceptions. There is no way for us to guarantee replacement of damaged or missing parts if the shipping documents are not marked as damaged/missing at the time of delivery while the trucking company is still present. At the time you mark damaged/missing parts on the bill of laden, you need to contact our customer service department at (336)-372-9180, Extension 210 to notify of the claim. You will be asked to make a full inventory of the parts you received and fax them to (404)-601-0233. We will review your documents, contact the appropriate parties and notify you of the next steps.

If properly documented at the time the shipment is received, replacement(s) typically are made top priority over all other orders. Customer service for our customers is our top priority at all times!

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