Carport Roofing Types Overview

Regular Style Roofing

Regular Style roofing is most easily recognized by the structure having rounded sides where the leg bends. The sheet metal ridges always run from front to back of the structure. Water will run off the front and back since that is how the ridges run. We highly recommend that you choose A-Frame or A-Frame Vertical if you live in an area that has large amounts of bad weather. A-Frame styles are much more appealing, for a small added cost.

A-Frame Style Roofing

A-Frame roofing has a peaked appearance of an eve of a house. This is commonly referred to as "a-frame" because of it's shape of the letter "A". Sheet metal runs from the front of the carport, to the rear. The ridges in the sheet metal run along the side of the structure. For the ridges to run up and down so that water-snow runs off the sides of the structure, choose A-Frame Vertical from the drop down menu.

A-Frame Vertical Style Roofing

A-Frame Vertical roofing has the attractive appearance of a "A" style eve on the ends. The sheet metal runs vertically, from the center of the structure, to the sides. By doing this, the snow and rain can run off the sides. We highly recommend a A-Frame Vertical for areas who receive a high amount of snow/rain, so it slides off the sides instead of piling on the roof top.