Standard Garage Door Options

Custom Garage Options

If you are interested in a custom garage door then let us know when you place your order or call us  888-822-7767. We will add a custom frame out that will allow you to install a custom garage door from a garage door company of your choice. A frame out includes custom framing required to support the frame-out option and trim color of your choice so when your custom garage door is installed, it will have a finished look.  Custom garage doors often include insulation within the door, motorized openings, and keyless entry.

Our Economy Garage Door Option

Our roll-up door is the right choice for light-duty applications requiring frequent usage such as barns, warehouses, freight terminals, car washes, machine shops, auto body shops and much more. The 16-gauge, 12” drums allow for easy retraction. These doors are low-maintenance, which is what every owner wants in a quality door. Our commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed to meet and/or exceed operational requirements for commercial doors with little or no maintenance.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Technical Data


  • 26-gauge galvanized
  • Grade E hard steel Deep-ribbed corrugation
  • Maximum opening size of 12’ x 18’
  • Flexible wear strips
  • NOTE: The our standard roll-up door is not rated for wind loads. Please ask for a certified door with wind ratings that you require

Bottom Bar

  • 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion
  • 2” x 1 ½” galvanized angles
  • Bulb astragal
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts

Axle-Drum Assembly

  • 1 5/16” O.D. steel axle, 14-gauge
  • 11-gauge axle on doors over 10’ wide
  • Utilizes 12”, 16-gauge drums
  • Shielded steel ball bearings in drums
  • Full top sheet

A.C.E. Guide System

  • 16-gauge galvanized steel
  • Adjustable bolt on head stop
  • Polyethylene wear strip
  • Pre-punched for lock and attachment fasteners


  • Saddle clamps with set fasteners
  • 10-gauge slide locks; 2 per door
  • 16-gauge step plate; 2 per door
  • ¼” steel angle T-bracket

Opening Height Headroom

  • Doors up to 10’ have 20” of headroom
  • Doors 10’ to 14’ have 22” of headroom
  • Doors over 14’ have 24” of headroom